About the company

Joint Stock Company «Oshmyany meat processing plant» the oldest enterprise of the distriet in 2010 the plant celebrated its 110 anniversary. It is one of the oldest and at the same time the most modern and technically equipped enterprise of meat processing industry in Grodno region.

Custatory qualities of our meat products depend on the quality of raw stuff, which we get for processing our meat processing plant utes cooled and fresh-killed meat which is received from ecologically clean districts in the north-western part of Belarus.

A new shope of raw smoked sausages, equipped with modern highty developed technological equipment was opened in September 2010.

The main task of the plant is to hold its position among the first and best meat enterprises.

The modernization of the meat processing plant is beinq fulfilled according to the republican proqram of technoloqical equipment of processing enterprises of agroindustrial complex capital investments during the last 5 years made than 15 milliard roubles.

In the result of single-minded modernization of production potentialities the meat processing plant become a big highly developed technological complex with a high level of mechanization, automatization of technological processes and processing of meat raw.

The mission of "Oshmyany meat":
  By providing the marketing of safe, high quality, environmentally friendly, diverse products, strengthen the foundation of the nation's health.

Combining the best experts and professionals to seek only the highest in the economic sphere.

             Through the solution of socially important social and economic objectives to ensure professional growth, prosperity and quality of life for all employees

Realizing the importance of social enterprise to provide the necessary support to vulnerable people, helping to improve the lives of the people Oshmyany District.

Ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise through continuous improvement of the quality management system

Creating a cleaner production



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