About the company


Joint Stock Company «Oshmyany meat processing plant» the oldest enterprise of the distriet in 2010 the plant celebrated its 110 anniversary. It is one of the oldest and at the same time the most modern and technically equipped enterprise of meat processing industry in Grodno region.

At the end of the 19th century ( 1897) in Oshmyany there were 4 tanneries, a distillery, a factory of mineral waters, a tobacco factory. According to the historical documents there was no meat factory in the town at that time. In was first mentioned in a chronical kept in the Lithuanian state historical archive in Vilnus in 1900 when it was decided to build a slaughter-house in Oshmyany.

Near the slaughter-house worked 2 tanneries. There was not enough land for building the slaughter-house, but the construction was not stopped.

Two years later the town slaughter – house could already produce meat. On the 21st of January 1903 a provincial engineer, vice governor and acting governor gave their permission to do it.

It is mentioned in the reference book, published in Warsaw in 1926-1927; on one page with the information about other enterprises and establishments is written briefly – Town slaughter house. Director - a veterinary K. Kutkovsky.

The Great Patriotic War brought great damage to the meat factory, it worked in rather difficult conditions, as there were no specialists. The electric power was used only for lighting, the main fuel was wood.

Since the 1st of March 1947 workers began to recieve a new form of payment for their Labour – piece work payment. Soon the factory purchased new equipment-feather plucking and feather drying machines. It was the beginning of the technical modernization at the factory, increase of productive capacities. In December 1955 the plan was fu fulfiled 150%. At the beginning of the 60-s the factory continued modernization with the aim to replace manual labour by machines, there was all-round mechanization.

In the development of the meat factory the period of 1970-1990 can be divided into 3 stages:

1) January 1971 – January 1991 – the factory became a branch of Lida meat processing factory. 2) January 1991 - December 1995 – the factory became in dependent again and worked in conditions of planned economy and Later market relations. 3) Since 1995 till now the factory has been a Joint Stock Company.